Wine Yeast – K1-V1116 5g – Lalvin




K1-V116 is a versatile yeast that will produce a fresh and fruity tasting wine, cider, or mead.  It is one of the yeasts that produces the freshest and most floral aromas.  This strain is particularly well suited to the fermentation of ice wines.  Its fermentation starts quickly, is constant, and produces little foam.  This yeast can also survive harsh conditions.  Lalvin K1-V1116 is perfect for hard ciders, and fruit mead, as it preserves and enhances the flavours and fruity aromas longer than with other standard strains (such as 1118).  Because K1-V1116 yeast can adapt to difficult fermentation conditions, it is ideal for fermenting fruit wines and wines made from concentrates that have a poor nutrient balance.  It also works well for reviving stuck fermentation.