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Apple Crusher - Stainless

Apple Crusher – Stainless


This stand-alone electric apple crusher makes crushing apples and other fruit a dream. Process apples, pears, and other non-pitted fruit.  Stainless steel construction throughout, easily disassembles for cleaning.  Crushes 450 kg of fruit per hour.

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Apple Crusher

Electric Apple Crusher – Painted


Crush your apples with ease.  This Electric Apple crusher can be used to make apple cider, hard apple cider and more. Can easily crush other fruits and vegetables such as, pears, carrots, cabbage, and potatoes.  Crushes 180 kg of fruit per hour.

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Table Top Electric Apple Crusher

Table Top Electric Apple Crusher – Stainless


This table-top electric apple crusher is affordable and dependable.  This crusher works on any steady table or workshop.  The body, the hopper and the cutting disc are all stainless.  Apples are fed one at a time through the 85mm diameter tube.  The pulp is then expelled down the shoot into a food grape vessel ready…

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