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Beer caps

Beer Caps


These standard bottle caps fit most glass beer bottles.  These caps offer excellent reliability and compatibility.  They also feature an oxygen barrier cap lining.  A beer capper is required to attach them to your beer bottle.

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Bench Capper – Black Ferrari

Bench Capper – Black Ferrari


The Italian Black Bench Capper is a high-quality tool for capping beer bottles easily and more efficiently.  It features a spring-loaded mechanism and a magnetic bell to hold the bottle cap in place.  Has an adjustable height, making it suitable for bottling different-sized beer bottles.  Great tool for the home brewer.

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Bench Capper Super Agata

Bench Capper – Super Agata


The Italian Super Agata Bench Capper is a high-quality bench-top capper for beer bottles of any size.  It comes with an automatic height adjustment, and made of durable metal and plastic construction, along with a magnetic bell housing that holds the cap in place during capping.  This is a perfect tool for any professional or…

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P.E.T Caps

P.E.T Caps for Beer Plastic Beer Bottles


These P.E.T Caps are easy to apply and are suitable for P.E.T Beer Bottles.  This closure will fit the 500 ml plastic beer bottles as well as the 1 litre size.

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