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Expand and Seal Bottle Stopper

Expand and Seal Bottle Stopper – Joie


This attractively designed and practical bottle stopper produces a completely airtight and leak-proof seal.  Use it to temporarily re-cork mineral water, vinegar, oil, wine, and more.

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Grape Cork Bottle Topper

Grape Cork Bottle Stopper – Hand Painted

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Silicon Stopper

Silicon Stopper – Trudeau – Set of 2


Keep your wine fresh and flavorful with the Trudeau Silicone 2 Bottle Stoppers Set. Made from high-quality silicone, these stoppers are designed to fit snugly into any standard wine bottle. The set includes two stoppers in vibrant multicolored hues, making them easy to spot in your kitchen drawer or wine rack. These stoppers are also…

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Sparkling Wine Stopper


Preserve the effervescence of sparkling wine and champagne with this ingenious stopper that securely holds on the bottle’s neck. Even better, when it’s time to reopen the bottle, it slowly and securely releases pressure allowing you to savour a fresh, sparkling glass of champagne. Let’s make a toast to this great tool with a beautiful…

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