Filling & Transferring

Anti Sediment Tip


This anti sediment tip connects to your j-tube of the same size and helps prevent the transfer of any unwanted sediment in your finished wine or beer.

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Auto Bottle Filler


This bottle filler is designed for use with 750 ml bottles.  It allows for quick and easy filling of wine bottles.  The filler is self-leveling and will shut off automatically when wine bottle has reached the appropriate level.  To fill additional bottles, remove the filler from the first bottle and place it into the next,…

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Auto-Siphon – Fermtech


With the Auto-Siphon, racking has never been the same since.  This auto-siphon was designed for a smooth, leak-free operation that is simple to sanitize and very easy to use.  This single stroke action draws a siphon without disturbing sediment.  The mini auto-siphon can be used for gallon jugs, the regular size can be used for…

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Bottle Filler


The small bottle filler is designed to work with 5/16” X 7/16” tubing and has a 3/8” diameter.  The large bottle filler is designed to work with a 7/16” X 9/16” tubing and has a ½” diameter. Both sizes feature a 12” gravity bottle filler with a sensitive tip that allows you to quickly fill…

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Funnel Screens


The small funnel screen will fit the 21 cm & 25 cm funnel.  The large funnel screen will fit the following 30 cm and 35 cm funnel sizes.  These screens easily snap in and out of the funnel for easy cleaning and replacement.

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These funnels are perfect for transferring liquids and powders into containers, keeping your work area clean and mess-free.

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J-Tube Holder – Small


This j-tube holder is designed to be used with 3/8” racking tubes or j-tubes.  This model can only be used with 11 L, 18.9 L and 23 L glass carboys.  This holder will also work with plastic carboys.  It is designed to secure and stabilize the j-tube, without disturbing the unwanted sediment at the bottom…

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J-Tubes – Racking Tubes


The Regular 3/8” comes in 24” length and 30” length.  The Large ½” is 24” in length.  The j-tubes or racking tubes are made of a food grade plastic and are designed for transferring wine & beer from one container to the other.  The j-tube includes a tip that prevents any unwanted sediment to be…

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Must Strainer


This plastic filter basket is used to drain off small amounts of must, allowing the free run wine to flow through while you collect the skins for your grape press. This must strainer fits your 35 cm funnel.

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Pro Filler – Fermtech


The Pro-Filler … High-performance bottling wand! The pro-filler is easy and reliable with hands-free filling for all bottle types.  With the open flow design, it reduces bottling time.  Simply lift to stop the flow or use the convenient clip for pausing or stopping the flow.  Fits 3/8” tubing.

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Racking Tube or J-Tube Holder


This j-tube holder is designed to be used with 3/8” j-tubes.  They are designed to hold the racking tube in place when transferring your wine or beer from one container to the other.  It helps to keep things under control by keeping the racking tube still, so the sediment doesn’t get disturbed. The j-tube holder…

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Self-Leveling Funnel


This self-leveling funnel is designed to stop automatically at a set level, ensuring that every bottle you fill is filled to the correct level.  This innovative product is perfect for home beer and winemakers.

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Shut Off Clamps


This shut off clamp is designed to work with 3/8” or ½” tubing.  The easy-to-use design of the clamp makes it simple to control the flow rate during syphoning or bottling.  Clamp it tight to stop the flow or open it up to continue.

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Spring-Loaded Filler


This spring-loaded bottle filler automatically shuts off when you lift the tube, push down to resume the flow.  Fits 3/8” tubing.

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The Auto-Siphon Clamp – Fermtech


An indispensable accessory! The Auto-Siphon Clamp holds the Auto-Siphon securely above sediment. Clamps on to fermenters, carboys, and gallon jugs.  Snaps on and slides down, and when you are done, it snaps off. 3/8” for the Mini and Regular Auto-Siphons. 1/2” for the Large Auto-Siphons.

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Tubing – Clear


This clear, vinyl food-grade tubing is commonly used for transferring wine or beer.  It fits regular auto-siphon bottle fillers and j-tubes or racking tubes.

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