Why is filtering important.  Filtering clears wine by removing fermentation debris and yeast, preventing these materials from breaking down during aging and thereby increasing the wine’s stability.  Stable wines are less likely to change their appearance and taste over time.

For most winemakers, the most important step in the winemaking process is the filtering.  From the best filtering equipment, properly matched to the correct filter pads, come the clearest, most inviting, sediment-free wines.

Every Buon Vino Filter is designed with a specific pump flow rate and pressure that are matched to the specific Buon Vino Filter Pad.  To enjoy optimum results, it is essential to ensure that the correct filter pads are used every time.


How To Use Your Filter Pads

The #1 – Coarse Filter Pad is used to remove large particules from your wine.  If your wine is being stubborn to clear, filter your wine first with a #1 Filter Pad.  After you have used the #1 Filter Pad, you will need to re-filter your wine again with a #2 Pad.  Can be used for Red, White and Rose Wines.

The #2 – Medium Filter Pad is the one that is most used.  These are your Polishing Pads.  If your wine is quite clear, then you can start with a #2 Filter Pad immediately.  Can be used for Red, White, and Rose wines.

The #3 – Fine Sterile Pad, .5 micron.  We strongly recommend you filter your wine with a #2 Medium Filter Pad first before you filter your wine with a #3 Pad.  Please note, the #3 Filter Pad may remove colour, especially with your full-bodied red wines.


Please note:  DO NOT MIX FILTER PAD TYPES.  All Filter Pads inserted into the Buon Vino Filter Machines MUST be of the same grade.  For effective filtering, you cannot mix filter grades.  Filter pads are not reusable.

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Filter Pads Mini Jet

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Mini Jet Machine

Mini Jet Filter Machine


The Mini Jet Filter Machine is the perfect solution for the occasional home winemakers who makes 5 gallons of wine at a time from Fresh Juices or kits.  The Mini Jet filters approximately 80 L of wine per hour.

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Pre Screen Filter

Pre Screen Filter – Buon Vino


The Pre-Screen Filter can be attached to the intake hose of the Super Jet Filter to screen out large particles of sediment such as oak chips or seeds from the grapes before they reach the pump.  This should prolong the life of the Check Valve and allow you to maintain a much cleaner filtering machine.

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Sale! Round Filter Pads

Round Filter Pads


Each packages comes in a set of 2.

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Super Jet Machine

Super Jet Filter Machine


The Super Jet Filter Machine was developed for the home winemakers who make 40 gallons or more per year from fresh grapes or fresh juices.  The Super Jet filters approximately 270 L of wine per hour, producing a professional-level brilliance and sparkle.

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Filter Pads #1 Course

Super Jet Filter Pads

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