Acid Testing Kit




The Acid Test Kit is a complete set that includes everything you need to measure the acidity of wine must. It comes with:

  • Sodium Hydroxide 120 ml
  • Phenolphthalein solution indicator 15 ml
  • Re-usable plastic syringe
  • Re-usable test container
  • Instructions both in English and in French

To use the Acid Test Kit to measure the acidity of wine must, follow these steps:

  1. Fill the test container with 5 ml of the wine must you want to test.
  2. Add 3 drops of the phenolphthalein solution indicator to the wine must in the test container.
  3. Fill the syringe with the sodium hydroxide solution.
  4. Slowly add the sodium hydroxide solution, drop by drop, to the wine must in the vial. Stir the solution gently after each drop.
  5. Continue adding the sodium hydroxide solution until the color of the wine must changes from pink to clear or pale yellow.
  6. Read the volume of the sodium hydroxide solution used from the syringe.
  7. Calculate the acidity of the wine must using the formula provided in the kit’s instructions.

Note: Be sure to handle the sodium hydroxide solution with care.  This solution can be harmful if contact is made with your skin or eyes. Use gloves and protective eyewear when handling the solution.