1 Gallon – Wide Mouth Glass Fermenting Jar



Elevate your small – batch brewing with this New – 1 Gallon Glass Fermenter.  This can be used for fermenting Ciders, Mead, Kombucha and for all your pickling needs.  Also recommend for fermenting smaller batches of wine if living in smaller apartments or condos.

This new 1 Gallon Wide Mouth Glass Jar is not only great for traditionally pickling and fermenting, but it also excels as a dedicated vessel for brewing and storing kombucha.  The generous size allows the growth of your kombucha culture while providing sufficient room for the infusion flavours and the effervescence that makes kombucha so beloved.

When it comes to cleaning, this jar, it’s a breeze.  The wide mouth design allows for easy access, ensuring that you can thoroughly clean and sterilize your glass jar with no hassle.  Once your glass jar has been cleaned and sterilized it is ready for your next fermentation adventure.

So, whether you are a seasoned fermenting enthusiast, a pickling pro, or kombucha fanatic, our 1 Gallon Wide Mouth Glass Jar is the ultimate companion for all your homemade creations.  It combines functionality, durability, and style, making it a must-have addition to your kitchen arsenal.

Comes with: 1 Gallon Glass Fermenting Jar, Lid and Airlock.

Additional information

Jar Size

10.5 inches in height

Lid Size

110mm in width or 4.5 inches in width