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Wine Glasses and Decanters

A variety of different style of wine glasses, decanters and an assortment of bar accessories that Musca Wine Pressing and Supplies offers are:

The Benefits of Decanting:

  • Decanting is useful to separate a wine from any solid deposits collected in the bottle over the years.
  • Decanting is also the process of pouring a red or a white wine that needs to breathe and open up into a carafe.
  • If the wine is a younger red or a great white wine, simply pour it into the decanter to allow it to breathe.
  • An older wine or one showing signs of sediment, this would need to be decanted.  Pour slowly and the sediments will separate from the wine as you go.
  • Let the wine sit in the decanter or carafe for at least 30 minutes to an hour before serving.
  • Many wines benefit from being allowed to breathe before being served
  • Full bodied wines with more tannins require longer aeration time in the decanter